Automotive Artists for Charity

Who We Are

— Our Mission

In a world ever dependent upon technology, it’s the artisan who reminds us of our history, and helps us bridge that gap between the past and the high-tech realities of today.

With this in mind, the “Chicago BrushMasters” bring you the annual Kustom Kulture Charity Art Auction, with all proceeds going to support the Ronald McDonald House charities of Chicagoland and northwest Indiana.

— Our Story

The concept, originating in 2003 at the Milwaukee World of Wheels, brought together some of the Midwest’s top custom sign writers and pinstripers. Gathering annually, that Milwaukee group known as the “Pinstripe Legends” have raised over $1,000,000 for charitable organizations in the Brew Town area.

In honor of that amazing and noble feat, it is now time for Chicago to step up and do its part in the arena of Kustom Kulture Charity Art Auctions. For over 100 years, Chicago has produced some of our nation’s most renowned and respected sign painters and designers who have contributed to what is known by sign professionals across America as the “Chicago Style”. With this rich tradition in the world of custom signs and pinstriping, and augmented by the Windy City’s legendary history in motorsports, the next “Chicago BrushMasters Kustom Kulture Charity Art Auction” is looking to fulfill the expectations that only a world class city like Chicago can demand. 

Over forty of the Midwest’s top custom painters will be on hand to attend this Charity Auction. These artisans will produce hundreds of hand painted Kustom Kulture Artforms. They’ll include hot rod and race car body panels, bike tanks and fenders, saddle bags, Kustom Kulture Panel Art, and a vast array of motorsports and Chicago-themed projects. These projects will be auctioned off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be something at the Charity Art Auction for every Chicago motorsports enthusiast.

— Our Need For Your Help

Because 100% of the auction proceeds are donated directly to Ronald McDonald House, the “BrushMasters” will need your help. To make this Charity Auction a success, contributions of automotive body panels, bike tanks and fenders, finished metal sign blanks, and any other motorsports items or memorabilia that can be transformed into Kustom Kulture artforms would be greatly appreciated. Monetary donations are also sorely needed to help cover the cost of two group meals and refreshments for the participating BrushMaster artisans, many of whom will be traveling from out of state. All contributors large and small will be listed on a sponsor’s banner throughout the weekend at the next Chicago World of Wheels.

The Chicago BrushMasters and Ronald McDonald hope that you can join us to help make this event a very special one. Your generosity, along with the talent of the BrushMaster Artisans will help support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

Your consideration and generosity are greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
The Chicago BrushMasters