Automotive Artists for Charity

In a world ever dependent upon technology, it’s the artisan who reminds us of our history, and helps us bridge that gap between the past and the high-tech realities of today.

With this in mind, the “Chicago BrushMasters” bring you the annual Kustom Kulture Charity Art Auction with all proceeds going to support the Ronald McDonald House charities of Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

Impact StorY

The Buck Family

. . . Immensely Grateful . . .

During an incredibly helpless and overwhelming time as new parents, we were immensely grateful to have somewhere comfortable to sleep, meals taken care of, and transportation to be with our baby.  It wasn’t just ‘one less thing to worry about’ … it was ‘nothing to worry about.” In the scariest moments of our lives as new parents, Ronald McDonald House allowed us to simply focus on our baby.

— The Buck Family

~ Panel Jams ~

The Chicago Brushmasters would like to thank Stone Mountain Access and Brett and Ginny Mason for opening their great facilities to host our ”Panel Jams”! Dedication to the cause has allowed so many of our Brushmaster artists a place to gather and create artwork to support the Ronald McDonald House Kustom Kulture Charity Auctions. We would also like to thank all the artists, donators, volunteers and support personnel that help make these events a huge success!